Five Days Without An iPad

I have sold my “old” iPad Pro 9,7″ in order to get the new one coming next Wednesday. We miss things when we no longer have them. How is that ? Is the iPad such an important part of my digital life ? Let’s see.

Photo by Daniel Cañibano on Unsplash

In the morning, I like to read the news while having my breakfast. In the afternoon, I’m always surfing social networks for new things to learn and eventually to blog about. I’m no longer able to catch so easily things I want to start writing about when I want it and where I want it. This is where my iMac helps me do the job in absence of my iPad. But at my desk. Not in the living room nor in the kitchen or at the local café shop. I love writing on on an iPad, easily taking photos from my Photos library or from my Lightroom albums and add them to the article to complement it. Without an iPad, I lose some kind of freedom. This is the main issue, having to be at a specific place to start something puts too much friction. It removes part of the spontaneity.


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