Apple Latest Financial Results – The End of an Era


These graphics are about to get a little bit more difficult to put together… Apple announced that they will no longer share units sold for all of their products. Apple was one of the few who does that yet many were depending of these numbers for financial analysis. But, why is that ? I think Apple wants analysts to focus on the big pictures and this isn’t all about unit numbers. Apple is an hardware company but it is also becoming a service company as this category alone is brings 10 billions dollars per quarter! Also, the iPhone is still the main revenue driver of Apple but this category is maturing because the market is maturing. Is that a bad sign ? Nope. Every market has their limit. I applaud Apple for this decision.

Here is another take on the same matter: Apple No Longer Reporting Unit Sales – Benjamin Mayo.

[Update after posting: Comment: Is Apple ceasing to report unit sales because the iPhone has peaked? from 9to5mac. Maybe the iPhone has peaked in the short term but not the Apple Watch and yet, they don’t divulge their unit numbers for that. Apple chose to shift the discussion to something else. That is it.]

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