About Flickr Updated “Free” Tier Terms

Bad news from Flickr this week. The free tier will allow 1000 pictures only. Those who were using Flickr for free with many more pictures will have to either quit (and download their stuff) or start to pay for the pro subscription like I do if they want to key their archive alive and well. That is sad and many people seem angry.


Flickr is not what it used to be. Design wise, this service was in need of a big refresh and many many features could be removed to make the service leaner. The new owner (SmugSmug) did some updates since taking over Yahoo last year but there is still much work to be done. I’m patient. Why ? Because I tried many many similar photo services without a satisfying conclusion. SmugSmug ? Better design but I don’t see the community side on this service. VSCO is another one and is tied to their photo app on mobile devices. So not that many users their compared to Flickr.

500Px is another one. I love the design and somehow I think this is what Flickr should have become. The service was recently bought by a company from China. I’m not sure what to think of this. They used to have a plugin for Adobe Lightroom that would upload pictures on their service but it is no longer being supported which is bad. They offer an interesting plan: you pay $ 12.99 / month (billed annually) and you get the Adobe Photography plan included, which I’m already paying. My Flickr Pro subscription will expire on February of 2020. I guess I should really consider moving out of Flickr. We’ll see how things goes before then.

[Update: a different take here: Why limiting free users to 1,000 photos on Flickr is a smart move • Thomas Hawk Digital Connection]

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