Today at Apple

You can't love or hate Apple, their products, their services, but one thing is clear to me since quite a while, Apple is still a different company. With Today at Apple sessions, this is where the difference expresses itselfs most these days. As shown in "My Today at Apple Experience" on MacStories, there is a... Continue Reading →

Share Your Gifts

First, view this short film. This is emotional. This is about creativity. This is why I love Apple. This is why I'm blogging here. This is why I love photography. This is about being creative. This is about being. 

Not Just For Media Consomption

A recent article by Michael Steeber titled "2018 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil enhance creative work on the Mac" could convince a few more of you that the iPad is not really just a media consumption device. You may already know that I'm a big fan of Adobe Lightroom CC on the iPad but some... Continue Reading →

On Updated Flickr Pricing Tiers

Starting this January 2019, Flickr will only allow 1000 photos on their free tier. If you want for than this, pay or leave. More or less. I'm a paying member since 2012. I'll continue to pay for the foreseeable future. Why? Because this is the only photography platform I believe in. Now that they we're... Continue Reading →

Before & After 5

Turning a seemingly ordinary urban scene into a more interesting one. The idea here was to remove colours in the scene except for the big ad. The idea that I wanted to pursue is the positive message an ad is trying to convey in a sometimes gray world. Also, the big lanterns lighting was pushed... Continue Reading →

Going All In With An iPad

Very interesting read from Matt Gemmell - The Big iPad. The debate is still alive and well. Is the iPad able to replace or not your traditional computer? For Matt Gemmell it did. So why it is possible for him? A few parts caught my attention. (...) an iPad isn’t a laptop, so the word... Continue Reading →

The Deal Breaker of the iPhone XR

Very positive comments from "iPhone: My Thoughts On The iPhone XR". But, long story short: the lack of 3D Touch is the deal breaker for me. It will take a while before we can see how deep Apple will implement haptic touch to replace 3D touch in future releases of iOS. I'm not in a hurry... Continue Reading →

Analysing the iPad Pro Debate – by Oh*M*Dee

Here is an honest critic of the current debate regarding the iPad Pro status of being or not capable of replacing a "real computer". From the article published on Medium:  At this point you might be asking, “Well, what do you want from the iPad Pro?” I want to see it fully utilise its raw hardware power... Continue Reading →

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