The First iPad was 499$, What Happened ?

Yesterday Apple showed us their new iPad Pro in two screen sizes. Very powerful machines to say the least. These tablets are real computers. From the press first impressions, Apple made their homework. But these things aren’t cheap. As I knew that I would sell my current iPad Pro and replace it with the new one, i tried something. Before the event, I opened the Apple Store app, made a configuration of what I would be buying at the moment. An iPad Pro 10,5″ with 256 GB of storage, an Apple Pencil and an Apple Care protection. Then, after the announcements, I made the same configuration but with the new offerings. Here is a comparison. Left, the configuration with the previous generation iPad, to the right, the brand new one.

The newest iPad configuration is 240$ more expansive. Ouch. Yet, I made the plunge and bought the thing. Then, a few hours laters I was able to sell my “old” iPad Pro for 600$. Not bad. Still 977$ to pay. Excluding taxes. 😳

I think Apple is moving in dangerous territories here. There is a limit to what we will pay for a specific thing. Yes the new devices are much more powerful but still…

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