The Joy of Black & White Photography

I learn photography with traditional cameras using real films, way before numeric photography. I used to develop my own pictures, in my own darkroom. Black & white was the way to learn as developing color films was way more costy and complex.

In this article, I found quite a few great black & white pictures. There is one thing in common in all stories about how the picture was taken, how it was processed. They all come from an iPhone and were processed in some way with Snapseed. I know a lot about Snapseed but I rarely use it now since I’m using Lightroom CC mobile. I wanted to experiment with it again, just for the fun. For this blog post, here is a picture processed with Snapseed. Now I remember how easy and intuitive Snapseed is. I should use it more often.

Picture processed to give it an ancient look in line with the subject itself

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