RAW Photos: Some missing pieces in iOS

Apple is bragging itself on being serious about photography. I’ll pass on the fact that they abandoned Aperture. Then iPhoto. Now we have Photos on iOS and macOS. It certainly evolved since its debut yet one thing is missing in action.

First, compare this screen shot of a bunch of photos in Apple’s Photos app.

Next, look at the similar view within Adobe Lightroom, a view obtained while trying to import new photos from iOS Photos library.

Can you see the difference? In Lightroom we can clearly see that these photos are of type RAW, something we don’t have from Apple’s software. This is even more frustrating as iOS supports taking pictures in RAW format, like from within Lightroom (but we can’t from Apple’s own camera app).

We’ll have to wait for Apple to “fix” this situation. Meanwhile, I cannot recommend to use an iOS device in any photographers workflow except if only non Apple software is involved like using Adobe Lightroom.

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