The First iPad was 499$, What Happened ?

Yesterday Apple showed us their new iPad Pro in two screen sizes. Very powerful machines to say the least. These tablets are real computers. From the press first impressions, Apple made their homework. But these things aren't cheap. As I knew that I would sell my current iPad Pro and replace it with the new... Continue Reading →

When Apple Dropped the Ball

Aperture. Made by Apple. For Apple users. This was the time when they were serious about photography. They could have made a version for the iPad. But they dropped the ball. Adobe came in with their multi-platform solution, neither optimized for Apple's hardware nor Winter world. We still suffer from this in 2018 even after... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Black & White Photography

I learn photography with traditional cameras using real films, way before numeric photography. I used to develop my own pictures, in my own darkroom. Black & white was the way to learn as developing color films was way more costy and complex. In this article, I found quite a few great black & white pictures.... Continue Reading →

An Even More Personal Device

There is quite a lot of buzz these days about the possibility of creating our own watch face on the Apple Watch. Currently, this feature is not available to Apple Watch owners but a few clever guys on the internet did experiment with tools to create ones. And the possibilities are endless. And quite exciting... Continue Reading →

Replacing Adobe Lightroom, really ?

Can a long time user of Lightroom switch to something else of his or her photo processing needs? Why ? Personally, this is a question lingering in my mind for a while. As a paying user of Adobe Lightroom since a long time, I invested a lot of resources in this software and so I... Continue Reading →

The Return of Micro Blogging ?

This morning I found out the existence of a blogging platform called Something very special. Very lean. Very light. Without ads. Leaner than WordPress. Yet capable. Close to Twitter but with less clutter. I'm on a 10 days trial period. Tested the web posting interface. Tested the native macOS (light) client. Tested the iPad... Continue Reading →

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