The First iPad was 499$, What Happened ?

Yesterday Apple showed us their new iPad Pro in two screen sizes. Very powerful machines to say the least. These tablets are real computers. From the press first impressions, Apple made their homework. But these things aren't cheap. As I knew that I would sell my current iPad Pro and replace it with the new... Continue Reading →

Apple Keynote

After all these years, the Apple Keynote day is always exciting. I'm going to publish my comments about this event in the next few days.

Comparing iPhone’s Camera to Pixel’s

If you are into photography (pro, amateur, smartphone), you may be interested to look at this brief comparison of pictures taken by two high end smartphones. My preference goes to the iPhone pictures. Smart HDR is really helping a lot in many situations. Much more in fact than Google's Night Mode which seems to gather... Continue Reading →

Lens Culture – My Photography Challenge Entry

Found out this webzine about photography yesterday, it is called Lens Culture. They have an open challenge where you can submit one of your creation. I did. Admission closes on October 31th. This picture was taken while in London last summer. I'm proud of it. I was walking and found the lighting to be interesting.... Continue Reading →

On MacBook Product Line Anomaly

In a few days, Apple will announce new products. Rumours are that new iPad Pro will be announced and a few Mac updates too. I'm more interested in the latter. For too long now the MacBook product line has suffered from a weird anomaly. When Apple introduced the current MacBook, many thought it would replace... Continue Reading →

A (Depressing) Smartphone Review

Here is a different kind of smartphone review. It is about the new Google Pixel 3. Go and read the first part which is all about our current toxic society. Why toxic ? Look around you. People allways staring at their screen, big and small. Great and (depressing) read.

Pray (if you are a believer)

Picture created from five pictures taken with my Nikon D750, with bracketing option, one stop between each, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2. Exposition starting at -2 stops to make sure light is not too intense. Processed within Aurora HDR 2018. Enjoy.

About the Camera of your Future iPhone Xs

Excellent blog post by the makers of Halide, a photography app for the iPhone. If you plan to buy the new iPhone Xs / Xs Max because of its improved camera, first take a look at this article. But even if you don't bother about the iPhone for photography, this blog post is certainly interesting... Continue Reading →

A Bright(er) Future for the iPad

What Adobe just announced last week at the Adobe Max conference is close to mind blowing. Can't wait to try Photoshop for the iPad. Next Year. Coupled with what Apple is rumoured to announce on October 30th, one can see a more computery future for the iPad platform.

When Apple Dropped the Ball

Aperture. Made by Apple. For Apple users. This was the time when they were serious about photography. They could have made a version for the iPad. But they dropped the ball. Adobe came in with their multi-platform solution, neither optimized for Apple's hardware nor Winter world. We still suffer from this in 2018 even after... Continue Reading →

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