The First iPad was 499$, What Happened ?

Yesterday Apple showed us their new iPad Pro in two screen sizes. Very powerful machines to say the least. These tablets are real computers. From the press first impressions, Apple made their homework. But these things aren’t cheap. As I knew that I would sell my current iPad Pro and replace it with the new one, i tried something. Before the event, I opened the Apple Store app, made a configuration of what I would be buying at the moment. An iPad Pro 10,5″ with 256 GB of storage, an Apple Pencil and an Apple Care protection. Then, after the announcements, I made the same configuration but with the new offerings. Here is a comparison. Left, the configuration with the previous generation iPad, to the right, the brand new one.

The newest iPad configuration is 240$ more expansive. Ouch. Yet, I made the plunge and bought the thing. Then, a few hours laters I was able to sell my “old” iPad Pro for 600$. Not bad. Still 977$ to pay. Excluding taxes. 😳

I think Apple is moving in dangerous territories here. There is a limit to what we will pay for a specific thing. Yes the new devices are much more powerful but still…

Comparing iPhone’s Camera to Pixel’s

If you are into photography (pro, amateur, smartphone), you may be interested to look at this brief comparison of pictures taken by two high end smartphones. My preference goes to the iPhone pictures. Smart HDR is really helping a lot in many situations. Much more in fact than Google’s Night Mode which seems to gather some praise. After all, photography is all about light, not darkness, right ?

Lens Culture – My Photography Challenge Entry

Found out this webzine about photography yesterday, it is called Lens Culture. They have an open challenge where you can submit one of your creation. I did. Admission closes on October 31th.


This picture was taken while in London last summer. I’m proud of it. I was walking and found the lighting to be interesting. Your critics are welcomed.

Owning My Digital Writings

Today I decided to make the plunge and start owning my digital writings. I decided to upgrade from the free WordPress to the personal price tier. While doing so, you won’t see WordPress ads while surfing my blog, because you know, I hate ads. Finally, this blog can be reach this way: Simple enough. Hope to be here for a long time. 😀

On MacBook Product Line Anomaly

In a few days, Apple will announce new products. Rumours are that new iPad Pro will be announced and a few Mac updates too. I’m more interested in the latter. For too long now the MacBook product line has suffered from a weird anomaly. When Apple introduced the current MacBook, many thought it would replace the aging MacBook Air. It didn’t. Sure the MacBook is slim, sexy with a very nice retina display but it is lacking speed, USC ports and the price is too high. It certainly doesn’t fit in the current MacBook Air price bracket.

A 12” MacBook

What I’d like Apple to do is simple: phase out the Air. In today’s world, nearly all laptops sold are thin and light. There is no place for the “Air” moniker anymore. With the Air gone, Apple has to offer an updated MacBook product line with the inclusion of the larger screen version (14″ version?) that would include at least two USB-C ports and faster processor. The updated MacBook line would start at cheaper prices too.

With the MacBook Air gone, the MacBook product lines would be simpler: Pro and non Pro lines. Very simple. When was the last time Apple had an easy to understand MacBook lineup ? Quite a while if you ask me.

Finally, looking at desktop Macs, Apple offers the iMac/iMac Pro, then the Mac mini/Mac Pro. Why not get rid of the Mac mini moniker too and replace it with “Mac”. Plain and simple. This would help simplify the many product lines Apple is offering.

Let’s see next Tuesday what Apple has to show.