A Simple Linea 2.0 Review

As a long time IT professional, I’m spending quite some time in meetings discussing customers challenges, issues and ideas. My quest to find the best application on iPad for jotting down notes, technical drawings is a perpetual one. I tried Apple’s Notes.app (not quite there yet), Notability (too complex) just to name a few. But this might change. Welcoming Linea 2.0, the biggest update since the application launch last year.

From the start, I was seduced by the simplicity of the application but it was lacking some serious features to help me draw technical stuff. Release 2.0 is partially addressing this with the inclusion of the ZipLine feature. Properly configured, this is the best addition to this release as it allows me to create better drawing very easily. The feature works by allowing the creation of straight lines by tapping and holding the pencil on the screen for a fraction of a second followed by a release at some other place on the canvas. By default, the waiting time is 0.75 second. I found that reducing this to 0.25 second gives a better experience while taking notes.

The other welcomed feature is to be able to select a part of a drawing so I can move it around and make some room for other stuff. Obviously, this isn’t possible on paper and this is one of the reason that I use a tablet to take notes.

Other thing of interest besides this 2.0 release, I continue to appreciate the support for iCloud Drive with a utility called “Linea link” to open documents from a macOS computer.

Now, looking forward, I’m hoping to see more automatic form detection like circles or square as I’m not very good at drawing them on the iPad. Finally, a fill operation would be very useful too.

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